Furi Pro 23cm Scalloped Chef Bread Knife Stainless Steel

Furi Pro 23cm Scalloped Chef Bread Knife Stainless Steel

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The large 23cm Chef's Bread Knife by Furi Pro is perfect for slicing large loaves of fresh bread without tearing soft centers. With an extremely sharp Japanese blade and wedge shaped handle this knife provides exceptional control and performance for quick and easy slicing.


Furi Pro Knives provide superior cutting results whether you’re preparing eccentric dinners or basic every day meals. Designed with a reverse wedge handle and extra strong blade that assures effortless chopping and comfort over long periods of time, these knives are the chosen tools of many professional chefs, including the iconic Kylie Kwong.


This 23cm Chef's Bread Knife is engineered with a longer blade for slicing large loaves of bread. The serrated edge cuts soft bread without tearing and the non-serrated blade tip punctures crispy crusts, it is also a very effective meat carver. Featuring a Japanese stainless steel blade honed to the ideal shape for optimum sharpness and tempered for strength, this is a tough knife that retains its edge for longer. The optimum bolster adds safety, comfort and strength, while the seamless construction makes it easy to clean by eliminating hiding places for food and dirt to build up.