Furi Pro 20cm Cooks Knife Stainless Steel

Furi Pro 20cm Cooks Knife Stainless Steel

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The Furi Pro Cook's Knife 20cm is a professional food preparation knife, a high performance knife popular with great chefs. It is a classic Euro-bladed professional cook's knife, best suited to cutting the heaviest vegetables and meats. The ultra strong blade and construction resists flex for a straight and safer cut through pumpkins, sweet potato and similar, although the tip is still fine enough for many light slicing tasks. It has been developed by chefs and engineers for chefs for professional performance. This will be a great asset to your kitchen.

The patented Furi wedge-shaped handle locks on to the hand to reduce slip towards the blade. Engineered to reduce hand fatigue for working chefs requiring less 'squeeze'. This unique 'reverse-wedge' effect is opposite to most other knives, and an important development in professional knives.

Although Furi Pro knives were designed for working chefs, home cooks can appreciate the same 'Pro' benefits:

Hygiene and Durability: nothing is more hygienic than one seamless piece. With no handle gaps or joins, there's nowhere for germs to hide, making Furi Pro one of the easiest knives to keep clean. Furi Pro is durable because there are no wood, plastic, rivets or separate pieces that can deteriorate over time.

Comfort and Grip: the vertical 'microgrooves' and reverse-wedge shape of the Furi Pro handle actively resists your hand slipping forward, even when wet or oily. The handle wedges into the hand, requiring less 'squeeze' to perform repetitive cutting tasks, resulting in less fatigue and hand strain than conventional handles.

High-performance material, blade shapes, cutting edge and balance: Furi Pro knives are made from the finest Japanese and German stainless steel alloys and hardened and tempered for maximum edge retention, ease of sharpening and toughness. The cutting edges of most Furi Pro knife models are finished to 'extreme sharpness' at the factory by the patented Furi Tech Edge Pro Knife Sharpening System.

Furi product ranges – innovations from engineers, for working chefs and serious home cooks……