Furi Pro 17cm Filleting Knife Stainless Steel - Flexible Blade

Furi Pro 17cm Filleting Knife Stainless Steel - Flexible Blade

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Make cleaning and cutting fish meats frustration-free when you have the 17cm Furi Pro Filleting Knife to aid you in the kitchen. Made of sturdy and durable Japanese stainless steel, this knife not only showcases a sharp edge but also a flexible blade that goes cuts through bones or scales smoothly so you can get the best out of your fishes. 

Key Features:

Sharp-edged knife made from high carbon Japanese stainless steel for a lasting blade that is easy to sharpen and highly resistant to stains, rusts and corrosion

Large narrow blade ideal for fine slicing, boning meats or filleting fishes

Also designed with reverse-wedge handle to reduce hand fatigue and provide exceptional control in all chopping tasks

Made with precision and grounded into shape for a high-quality polish and smooth surface finish

Makes a great addition to your knife collection or preset for professional chefs or home cooking enthusiasts