D.Line Hot Stone Grill 7 Piece - 37cm x 19cm

D.Line Hot Stone Grill 7 Piece - 37cm x 19cm

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Set Contents:

1 x stone tablet (300mm x 190mm x 19mm thick.)
1 x metal holder for stone
1 x metal stand
1 x metal tray
2 x burners


* Enjoy a unique and casual dining experience and let everyone participate in the cooking.

* The heavy, thick stone top works as a grill. The supporting grill rack, tray and burners are used at the table.

* Before each use, place the grill stone in a cold oven and heat to for 20mins. Place the burners on the tray and light. Transfer the grill stand and stone grill to the tray.

* Guests can grill their favourite meal right at the table.

* Great for meat, fish and vegetables.

* Manufacturers Warranty.

Note: Does not include fuel