Contigo Ashland 'Autospout' Water Drink Bottle Sangria 720ml

Contigo Ashland 'Autospout' Water Drink Bottle Sangria 720ml

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The Contigo Ashland drinking bottles make drinking on the go simple. This larger capacity makes it easy to ensure you are drinking your daily water requirements, while using the guided measurements. Easy grip to carry, leak proof Autospout™ lids to allow you to have drinks on the go without worrying about spillages. Stylishly designed to go anywhere - to the gym, the office, in the car, at school or wherever you need to have drinks available. This sports water bottle is packed has great features such as soft-grip, two-finger handle that can clip on, a press button to open the spout (release button to close) and impact resistant.



The Contigo Ashland Autospout™ is a straw water bottle unlike others, with so many extra features.


The best things about the Contigo Ashland Autospout Drinking Bottles 

Eco-friendly - Reusable

Easy one-handed drinking

Leak & spill proof - the patented Autospout™ lid is 100% leak proof

Protective spout cover

The tumbler is made from Tritan™ material which is impact resistant

Tritan™ won't stain or retain odours

Easy to clean lid (inside cover opens for easy cleaning)

Holds up to 720mL of your favourite drink

Can gauge how much you are drinking by monitoring the volume markings

BPA-free materials

FDA approved

Dishwasher safe