Boska Holland Cheese Barbeclette - For Great Cheese on the BBQ!

Boska Holland Cheese Barbeclette - For Great Cheese on the BBQ!

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Boska Holland was founded over 100 years ago in Bodegraven near Gouda, home of the original Gouda cheese. The family-owned business developed throughout four generations from forge, hardware store and tool supplier into the present company, specializing in quality cheese tools. Boska Holland now carries the widest variety of cheese cutting equipment in the world.


With the Barbeclette you can prepare the most delicious melted cheese. Ideal for vegetarians and lovers of cheese burgers. Also delicious with a few tomato slices or mushrooms. Add a little fresh grounded pepper… mmmh! With the innovative Barbeclette of Milano, you can as many cheese as you like. The solution for a warm summer evening, and outdoors gatherings. The Barbeclette is designed firming and easily washable. The included spatula fits well with the Barbeclette and prevents scratches and cheese residues. 


 This product is ideal for enjoying Raclette style cheese , 

Dishwasher safe , 

Material: plastic, stainless steel, painted rubber wood 

Size: Length: 270 mm Width: 90 mm Height: 20 mm